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    Once again I have been challenged by a wonderful new customer! 

    She wanted a couple of personalized wine tags similar to this one she found in my Etsy shop.
    She wanted one personalized with a last name, no problem there. 
    Here is the finished product.
    Then she asks if I can do coordinates on a wine tag? 
    BUT, she doesn't want a rifle casing like this listing...
    She wants the coordinates on a knife handle. 
    Pssst, here comes the challenge. I was about to tell her one doesn't have the room for that on a knife handle... 
    Perhaps it was because I was drinking wine but I told her I would make it work somehow. I must confess I had no idea what I was going to do. None.
    I looked through about 293 vintage knives and nada, zip, nothing.
    I was coming close to a panic. Think! Frankly I needed a glass of wine about this time. After the first glass I was feeling better and it came to me I should look through my butter knife stash.
    Vino' viola! I found a Rogers Bros. circa 1904 "Vintage" pattern master butter knife that was perfection.

    In Vino Veritas